Border & AFK update
AFK system, because everybody uses or an autoclicker or F3 + T we have decided that the afk can only be disabled with /afk
There for the point system, is calculated when you are playing. once you go afk the points are not getting counted.
Thats why we made this change

Well we had some had times with the border, but i have finally found where the crulpit was.
There is a new setting in the normal server settings that forces the server to be at max 5000 blocks each side.

It's now replaced to 100000 blocks, I'm not gonna change this again.
So be nice to each other there is enough space ❤️
Discord Changes
Added a new bot called @Music | EOTM

This is the new music bot, you can add songs with @Music | EOTM [song title/link]
This bot will only listen in #deleted-channel so make sure you typ it correctly.

Bots volume is at 15 if it's still to load, make sure you lower it yourself.
You won't get deafen when you join VC.