Explorers of the mine Season 2
Dear Explorers,

You are much valued by EOTM.
We will repeat the process this year because of this.

The SMP will keep existing and have a few minor modifications.
We will be announcing more as the month progresses.

Additionally, Skyblock will be a server that runs next to it.

More vote boxes with higher prizes, improved ranking systems, and other improvements are coming.

Do you want to be the first to achieve a rank? Donate now to support the server in any way you can.
Do you desire more information. then keep an eye out for updates as we'll offer you one every week.

With best wishes
The EOTM staff team

Link to contribute:
NL: https://tikkie.me/pay/e0ppucp4vemo2rvfvdmv?
EU: http://paypal.me/explorersofthemine
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